Specialised knives, forks and shears with adapted grips allowing easy use. The handles on many of these products are built to improve the control of the user, especially if they have a weak grip.
A simple tool that makes brewing cups of tea easier for people with poor dexterity.
A self-adhesive tape that can be used to make handles more comfortable and easier to grasp.
A carving fork that has a pistol-grip handle to make it more comfortable to hold and easier to use.
A bread knife with a pistol-grip handle that makes it easier and more comfortable to use.
A forked knife that has a large and easy to grip handle that is set at a right angle to the blade.
A stainless steel carving knife with a pistol grip handle that is easy to grasp and cut with.
A set of three easy to open boxes that are ideal for storing many items.
This useful kitchen tool enables bread to be spread using just one hand.
A durable plastic device that can be used to make opening bottles easier.
A vegetable and fruit peeler with a comfortable and non-slip handle.
A handy device that removes the strain from squeeze-drying clothing.
A multi-purpose food preparation tool which helps people with reduced hand function to perform many everyday kitchen tasks.
A useful kettle tipper that makes pouring liquids easier and safer.
A range of kitchen tools with easy to grip handles.
A durable board with a raised corner for spreading bread and spikes for securing foods while chopping.
An innovatively designed measuring jug with markings that can read from above.
A polycarbonate jug that is durable and features an anti-microbial treatment.
A unique non-slip spreading board which enables condiments to be spread onto bread or toast with one hand.
A unique kitchen chopping board and grater which facilitate independent and single-handed use.
A useful tool that makes slicing fruit and vegetables safer.
Easy to hold, self-opening scissors ideal for people with a weak grip.
A Multi-function food preparation board, designed to assist those with weak hand function
A simple tool that prevents hot cooking pans from damaging work surfaces.
This non-slip underlay keeps mats, rugs and hard flooring firmly in place, preventing unwanted movement or slips.