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Personal GPS Tracker with 2 Way Communication

Personal GPS Tracker with 2 Way Communication

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The Personal GPS Tracker with 2 Way Communication helps families or carers to monitor the location of a person who is prone to wandering outside the house.

It is ideal for caring for a person with a condition such as Dementia who is not under constant supervision.

This innovative tracking device gives carers peace of mind, while improving safety and independence.

The Personal GPS Tracker requires a standard SIM card (not included), to allow contact from five different pre-programmed numbers.

This compact, lightweight device can be attached to a belt clip, or placed in the person's bag or pocket.

Any of the nominated carers can send an instructive text message from their mobile phone to the Tracker, and will receive an instant update of the location of the person.

The response message includes map co-ordinates, and a link to Google Maps.

The location data is sent to all five telephone numbers, regardless of which person requested the information.

Safe zones can be set up, only alerting the carers if the person wanders outside of them.

The tracker also features an emergency contact button which is clearly outlined and easy to use.

The Tracker works like a mobile phone with any of the five contacts, allowing two-way conversations and call receiving.

The Personal GPS Tracker with 2 Way Communication also has a ‘fall’ sensor which can sense a fall and immediately alert the nominated carers.

A comprehensive user manual is included with purchase.

The Personal GPS Tracker with 2 Way Communication includes a Charger Unit, Adaptor, Mini USB Connector and 2 x 800mA batteries.

Main tracker unit dimensions: 80 x 56 x 22mm (3 x 2 x 1 inch).

Product weight: 50g (2 ounces).

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