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Reversible Towelling Bibs

Reversible Towelling Bibs

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This Reversible Towelling Bibs is designed for people that are likely to spill food and drinks.

The front is made from terry toweling fabric.

This ensures it is excellent at absorbing liquid.

A waterproof back sheet stops the clothes underneath from being soiled.

It is also easy to wipe-clean.

The bibs can be reversed depending on the type of meal being consumed.They are fastened around the neck with a hook and loop clasp.

A long design ensures the Reversible Towelling Bibs provide comprehensive protection.

Each pack contains a pair of bibs.

Customer Reviews

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These Reversible Towelling Bibs are great. They wash well and dry quite quickly, because they are patterned the stains don't show, unlike the white ones I bought for mum. 5 out of 5. Michele Bridge.

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