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Standard Alternating Cushion

Standard Alternating Cushion

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The Standard Alternating Cushion is designed for people at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

It also helps to promote improved posture.

The main section is inflated by a powered pump.

This makes it comfortable, supportive and pressure relieving.

The Standard Alternating Cushion does not have a charger, so must be plugged in at all times when in use. 

The inside of the cushion is made up of approximately 6 cells (like balloons) that are inflated and deflated in turn to relieve the pressure between the person and the cushion.

The user may feel a slight movement.

A foam base provides safety in the event of a power failure.

The maximum user weight of the Standard Alternating Cushion is 101kg (16 stone).

Size: 430 x 430mm (17 x 17 inch).

Thickness: 75mm (3 inch).

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