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Anti-Flood Magiplug

Anti-Flood Magiplug

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The Anti-Flood Magiplug is a unique appliance which reduces risk of flooding and scalding in your sink.

The ingenious pressure release mechanism prevents overflow, releasing excess water in the event of a bath or sink being left unattended.

The Anti-Flood Magiplug protects against damage caused by flooding of your bathroom.

It features a heat sensitive pad on the plug face which changes colour when it reaches 36 (degrees) Celcius, alerting the user that the water is too hot and adverting the risk of scalding.

The Anti-Flood Magiplug attaches easily to your existing plug chain, and is an ideal tool for those with dementia or who are prone to absent mindedness.

Sink Plug: 44mm (1 3/4 inch) to 50mm (2 inch).

Basin Plug: 38mm (1 1/2 inch) to 44mm 1 (3/4 inch).

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