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Breathable Knee Sleeve

Breathable Knee Sleeve

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Our Breathable Knee Sleeve can be used to support and stabilise the knee joint and surrounding musculature.

It gives warmth and compression support and can attenuate sprains, strains and oedematous knee.

The Breathable Knee Sleeve can be supplied in two different materials.

The first is Coolmax, a breathable, fast drying and machine washable fabric.

Stomatex, a lightweight, breathable and weather proof membrane fabric is the second.

Small: 33-36cm (13-14 1/2 inch).

Medium: 36-38cm (14 1/2-16 inch).

Large: 38-43cm (16-17 inch).

X large: 43-48cm (17-19 inch).

*Size refers to knee circumference.

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