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Leather Strap For Canes

Leather Strap For Canes

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The Leather Strap For Canes is a simple yet effective accessory that keeps your walking stick or cane close to hand at all times.

It attaches to the cane using a hook and loop strap.

The strap is then wrapped around the wrist, helping prevent the cane being dropped and ensuring it is available at any moment.

The Leather Strap For Canes is a practical accessory that means you do not have to put down your cane while using your hand.

It eliminates the need to bend over or reach for your cane, making sure you stay comfortable.

Ideal for shopping trips, household tasks or excursions, the Leather Strap For Canes is a fantastic accessory for your mobility aid.

Length: 171mm (6 3/4 inch). 

Weight: 30g.

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