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Waterproof Cast Protectors

Waterproof Cast Protectors

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This range of Waterproof Cast Protectors can be used to save a cast or bandage from water damage.

They are designed for use in the shower or bath.

They feature a wide opening that will fit over a bulky cast and have an elasticated cuff to prevent the ingress of water.

The tough plastic construction means that the protector can be reused.

A wide range of Waterproof Cast Protectors are available to protect various body parts.


Adult long leg: 1016mm (40 inch).

Adult short leg: 590mm (23 inch).

Adult long arm: 990mm (39 inch).

Adult short arm: 560mm (22 inch).

Adult/child foot/ankle: 254mm (10 inch).

Adult/child hand: 305mm (12 inch).

Child short arm: 460mm (18 inch).

Child long arm: 560mm (22 inch).

Child short leg: 460mm (18 inch).

Child long leg: 790mm (31 inch).

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