Step one towards applying for the Disability Living Allowance is obtaining the application pack.

You can get this by calling the Benefits Enquiry Line (0800 882 200), downloading it from this page of the website, or picking one up at your local Department for Work and Pensions Office.

Once you have the form, take care to complete it as accurately as possible. If you need help, a DWP member of staff should be happy to do it on your behalf and send it to you to check and sign.

It's a good idea to provide as much information as possbile, especially in the sections relating to your condition.

List any conditions from which you suffer, not just the overriding one.

Provide details of your medication, along with the strength and dosage you use.

It can be beneficial to include the name of your hospital consultant if you have one.

Remember that the person who reads the form has not met you, so give a clear and detailed description of your needs and difficulties you face.

When completing the form it is important to include details in every box which is relevant to you.

Provide plenty of description and do not skimp on detail.

It is helpful for you to be aware of how far you can walk before experiencing severe discomfort, so it is wise for you to measure this yourself and it include it on the form.

It is also useful to describe possible predicaments you might find yourself in, if you were stranded alone and found yourself in pain.

The adjudication officer will need to know how things are for you at the present moment. How you cope through a 24-hour period; are there times which are particularly problematic, etc?

Once more, it is important to describe your needs thoroughly. You stand more chance of success if the facts show that you require assistance on a daily basis.

Provide detail of the specific help you need and don't hesitate to repeat yourself on the form.

Bear in mind that it is reasonable for you say that you need help for certain areas of your life, even if you currently do not receive any.

A carer would help you to do things which you may struggle to undertake alone.

Again, it is worth mentioning practical fears you may have about the dangers of continuing to undertake some of these taskes on your own.

If falls are relevant to your condition, ensure that you describe how your friend of carer has helped you in the past.

To recap: it is of utmost importance to complete the form in great detail, so much so that the adjudication officer knows us much about your specific situation as possible.

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