Paediatric Bathing Aids

This section features paediatric bathing aids and items to help with other bathroom tasks. Included here are support chairs to allow children to sit in safety while in the bath and items to test water temperature.
A brilliant device for your sinks or bath which monitors the water level and helps prevent flooding or scalding.
A comfortable and highly supportive children's bath chair.
A plastic chair that provides a secure place for a child to sit during bathing.
A portable base unit for the Tumble Forms Bath Chair.
A comfortable bathing seat for children that allows them extra safety and freedom of movement.
A bath seat that provides a comfortable and secure place for a child to sit.
This bath coach makes bathing children much safer and easier.
A fold-out changing stretcher that can be mounted to a wall.
A battery operated bath lift that can make bathing children simpler and safer.
A height-adjustable frame and bath tub, helping prevent carer back strain while bathing babies.
A bath tub mounted on a height adjustable frame, ideal for bathing babies while remaining comfortable.
A highly supportive and multi-feature commode chair for children.
A highly supportive children's commode chair with a removable pan.
This nursing bench is height adjustable and comfortable for the patient.