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First Class Paediatric Posture Chair

First Class Paediatric Posture Chair

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Our First Class Paediatric Posture Chair is a supportive chair designed for children.

It can be used at home or in a classroom setting with children that require additional posture support and stability.

Both the height and depth of the seat are adjustable.

This allows the seat size to be increased as the child grows.

The seat can also be tilted by up to 15 degrees.

A number of optional extras can be supplied with the First Class Paediatric Posture Chair.

These include a safety belt, abductor wedge, fold-up footplate, headrest and hip guides.

The chair can support users weighing up to 90kg (13 1/2 stone).


Seat width: 410mm (16 inch).

Seat depth: 330-430mm (13-17 inch).

Seat height: 360-580mm (14 1/2-23 inch).

Seat to footplate: 150-560mm (6-22 1/2 inch).

Backrest height: 430mm (17 inch).

Headrest height: 110-200mm (4-8 inch).

Hip guides size: 100 x 230mm (4-9 inch).

Seat to armrest: 170-350mm (7-14 inch).

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