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Medi Hydra Pack

Medi Hydra Pack

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The Medi Hydra Pack is a newly designed hydration system for patient care, assisting in effective rehabilitation and recovery.

With the importance of hydration in mind, this easy to use system helps monitor and assess patient fluid levels with precision.

Hydration levels are essential to a normal recovery and continuing health.

This method saves time, effort and caregiver requirements in a home or medical setting.

Packs of five or ten Hydra Packs are available, complete with a durable and easy to use straw.

Patients can easily reach the packs, using just one hand if necessary.

Measurements are clearly marked, making it easy to record the amount consumed throughout the day.

It is the ideal solution for elderly, immobile or bed-bound patients and their carers.

The Medi Hydra Pack is sold in packs of 5 or 10. 

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