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Plastic Spread Board with Spikes

Plastic Spread Board with Spikes

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The Plastic Spread Board with Spikes can hold food items such as bread, cheese or vegetables while they are chopped or sliced.

Its durable one-piece construction enables easy cooking and food preparation for users with one hand or a condition such as Arthritis.

The board has a raised L-shape in one corner which helps you to spread bread or toast one-handed.

The Plastic Spread Board also features six stainless steel spikes that can be inserted into the board.

These spikes hold food items firmly in place whilst they are being prepared.

With a robust plastic design, the Plastic Spread Board is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: 181 x 256mm (7 x 10 inch).

Weight: 190g.

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