SureGrip Furniture Raisers

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The SureGrip Furniture Raisers offer an easy and cost-effective alternative to purchasing new, adapted furniture.

This versatile height raising device allows an existing bed or chair to be adapted to suit individual needs, making it much easier to get into or out of the seat.

The SureGrip Furniture Raisers comprise of four sturdy blocks that have a double grip, designed to hold the furniture legs with strength and precision.

Four adhesive pad adaptors are also included, allowing the device to be used with different types of furniture feet.

The size of the height raise can be adjusted from 38 to 100mm (1 to 4 inch), suiting individual needs and different types of furniture.

The SureGrip Furniture Raisers are a fantastic solution to chairs, beds or sofas that are currently at an awkward height.

They enable the user to get into or out of furniture with greater ease and safety.

Maximum leg or castor diameter: 70mm (2 inch).

Pack includes:  4 x raisers, 4 x Adhesive pad adaptors for block feet.

Maximum user weight: 110 stone (700kg).

Please note that the maximum weight includes the weight of the furniture.

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