Useful Household Items

This section features clever devices and other handy products designed to make life easier in small ways around the home.
A tool that facilitates the removal of plugs from their sockets, as well as labelling materials.
A simple tool that makes brewing cups of tea easier for people with poor dexterity.
A simple yet effective tool for reducing snoring.
A simple yet effective drinks bottle with a long hose.
A simple tool to ensure that no toothpaste is wasted.
Identifies what appliance a plug is powering and makes removal of a plug easy.
Easy to hold, self-opening scissors ideal for people with a weak grip.
A simple and effective tool for removing tablets and pills from blister packs.
A clever household appliance which helps prevent scolding and flooding.
An attractive tartan bib that can be worn to prevent clothes from being soiled.
A single-use bib that protects clothing from food and drink spillages.
Disposable clothing protectors with a simple adhesive backing and absorbent layer, ideal for mealtimes or arts and crafts.
A digital wristwatch that can speak the date and time out loud.
A pack of 20 pegs for people with weak hands - simply press down gently to affix the peg to the clothes line.
A clever kitchen tool which emits tones to indicate the fill level of a glass, cup or mug - ideal for people with visual impairments.
An alarm clock that says the time out loud when the button is pressed.
A simple ashtray and tube device that enables hands-free smoking.
An alarm clock with a vibrating alert that can be placed under a pillow.
A strong nylon strap with a rubber hand grip that can be used to assist in transfers in and out of cars.
A large analogue wall clock with easy to read and clear digits that is designed for people with vision problems.
A panoramic, rear-view mirror that improves driving safety by eliminating blind spots.
An attractive digital watch that will speak the time and date out loud.
A lightweight kettle ideal for those with reduced grip or hand mobility.
A useful analogue clock that will say the time out loud.
With bold, clear and easy to read digits this is a high quality analogue wall clock.
A useful tool that can be used to assist in car transfers.
The large LCD display means that it is ideal for people with visual impairments.
Versatile furniture raisers for beds or chairs, an economical alternative to new adapted furniture.
A secure key safe that can be mounted to an outside wall.
A handy device that removes the strain from squeeze-drying clothing.