Bed Pads & Waterproof Bedding

This section features our range of bed pads and waterproof bedding, pillow cases and other protective items. Most feature the high quality Fibrefresh material, designed to provide comfort, dryness and a lasting barrier. Disposable bed pads are also available in this section.
A waterproof cover that can be fitted to a mattress to provide protection from incontinence.
An incontinence aid that will protect the pillow from being soiled during sleep.
Non-slip, comfortable seat pads with an absorbency of 1 litre, ideal for wheelchairs.
An ultra-absorbent seat pad which can be added to any chair for leak-proof protection.
A versatile absorbent pad that protects the user and the seat from incontinence.
A range of machine washable incontinence pads that are designed for use in a wheelchair.
A waterproof mattress cover that stops damage resulting from incontinence.
An absorbent pad that provides incontinence protection in a range of seats.
A range of high quality bedding protection products that can defend against incontinence and spillages.
A soft and comfortable bed sheet that protects both the bed and the user from incontinence.
These pads are the perfect solution for protecting your furniture.
A soft, comfortable and absorbent top sheet that can provide incontinence protection during sleep.
Soft and comfortable bed pads with a 2 or 3 litre absorbency, providing excellent protection to bed linen.
A waterproof and breathable pillow cover that prevents liquid damage and discomfort.
A PVC mattress cover that can guard against damage caused by nighttime incontinence.
An absorbent bed pad that provides incontinence protection in bed.
A waterproof, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic pillow case.
An absorbent and discreet pad that instantly protects chairs or wheelchair seats from incontinence leaks, in four attractive colours.
A range of disposable overlay pads that can provide incontinence support during sleep.
A range of absorbent pads to protect against nighttime incontinence.
A waterproof cover that can protect a mattress from damage and stains.
A range of highly absorbent bed pads that provide incontinence support.
A fitted sheet that is both breathable and waterproof to ensure comfort to the user and protection to the mattress.
A five-layer protective bed pad which gives a high level of absorbency and comfort throughout the night.
A range of waterproof and soft pillows and duvets.
An ultra-absorbent, washable bed pad which helps keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night.
A reusable fabric mattress protector that guards against nighttime incontinence.
A soft and comfortable bed pad that is also highly absorbent to protect against incontinence.
A uniquely shaped cushion that can make sitting in bed or a chair more comfortable.
A range of waterproof covers for protecting bedding from incontinence.