Toileting Aids

General equipment to help with toileting. These include personal hygiene aids and portable bidets.

A personal inspection mirror that is mounted on a long and flexible handle.
A simple rubber deflector that can prevent mess when using the toilet.
A long handle tool that can make personal cleaning easier for people with reaching restrictions.
A plastic bidet bowl with built-in sooap dish that can be used to facilitate easier personal cleaning.
A useful bidet bowl that can be attached to an standard toilet to enable personal cleaning.NOT suitable for use with raised toilet seats.
A moulded plastic tool that enables personal cleaning for people with mobility and reaching issues.
A moulded plastic reaching tool that makes personal cleaning on the toilet easier.
A detachable guard for toilet seats that prevents spillages during seated urination.
This innovative tool enables the hygienic disposal of personal care products such as incontinence pads.
A useful personal hygiene tool that enables unassisted personal cleaning after using toilet.
A useful tool that allows people with mobility issues to perform personal cleaning.