Pressure Relief Cushions

The pressure relief cushions in this section have various designs, all design to improve comfort for those forced to sit for sustained periods. Included here are cost-effective foam designs and more expensive gel cushions made for prolonged useage.

A soft and supportive cushion that can be used in a variety of situations to provide a more comfortable seat.
A soft and comfortable cushion that can relieve pressure and enable air circulation underneath the user.
A range of comfortable and pressure relieving cushions with vinyl covers.
An inflatable rubber cushion that can make sitting more comfortable.
A versatile cushion that can provide neck and lower back support.
A supportive cushion that has three sections to allow it effectively wrap around the user.
A lightweight and portable cushion suitable for wheelchairs or armchairs, made from high grade foam.
A hollow fibre T-shaped cushion that creates superb comfort and support in any wheelchair.
A wedge shaped cushion that improves posture and has a cut-out for the tailbone.
The charcoal tweed cushion in a unique wedge shape to help promote correct posture and relief to the coccyx area.
A cost-effective alternative to replacing old seating, filling in the sag in seats with a soft and comfortable material.
A nodular cushion which gives effective relief to the symptoms of haemorrhoids or other conditions which make sitting uncomfortable.
A wedge shaped cushion that can help to reduce low back pain and improve posture.
A simple foam wedge that can be used to alleviate low back pain and improve posture.
A soft foam ring that can be used to make lying prone more comfortable.
A nodular foam cushion that provides comfort and pressure relief.
A soft foam pad that can increase comfort and improve posture when seated.
A rubber ring that can be used in various seats to improve comfort.
A wool pile cushion that can be used to reduce discomfort in the back and promote better posture.
A foam pad that can be used to prevent low back pain during sleep.
A soft cushion that can be used in wheelchairs to provide a more comfortable seat.
A dense foam cushion in a ring shape that can be used to increase the comfort and support of a seat.
A reversible cushion for use on the seat of a mobility scooter.
A range of high density foam cushions that are pressure relieving.
A soft and comfortable knee support which encourages correct alignment and pressure relief while you sleep.
A soft and comfortable cover that can be used with foam cushions.
A moulded foam support that fits the lumbar spine and cna be used whilst in a car seat.
A memory foam back support that can be used to improve posture and comfort in a chair.
A natural wool fleece that can be used to cover a wheelchair seat.
A memory foam support that can be placed between the knees during sleep.