Riser Chairs

The risers chairs in this section are substantion pieces of furniture designed to help with standing up and sitting down. These riser chairs are adjustable to suit the weight of the user and are made from easy-clean materials.

A sturdy height raising device for beds, chairs or sofas that have legs.
A pack of four sturdy furniture raises that make chairs and beds easier to access.
A set of four furniture height raisers which can be fitted to beds or chairs with legs.
A pack of four moulded furniture raisers that can be used to increase the height of chairs and beds.
A set of sturdy plastic furniture raisers that can be fitted to the feet or underneath the castors of furniture.
A set of four chair raisers which allow the height of furniture to be safely raised by 7-10cm (3 to 4 inch).
A convenient height-raising unit for most chair types, allowing conventional chairs to be accessed more easily.
A convenient chair height raiser comprising of four moulded blocks linked together by sturdy wooden bars.
A versatile device that raises the height of beds, chairs or sofas, with optional clip-on sections that allow a range of adjustment.
An economical solution to purchasing adapted furniture, these adjustable height raisers can simply be added to existing furniture legs.
A pair of bed raisers that can be used to increase the height of a bed.
Two sets of two sturdy blocks with a broad base, allowing the height of most beds to be adapted to a more comfortable level.
A clever tool for simply raising the height of sofas by 75mm (3 inch).
Discreetly raise the height of chairs etc. by securely clamping onto existing furniture.
A padded chair with height adjustment that can be used in various settings.
A luxurious and heavily padded chair that can be used in a variety of settings.
A large inflatable overlay that offers pressure relief whilst sat in a chair.
This comfortable and supportive chair is suitable for domestic and care settings.
A lifting and reclining armchair with single or dual motors, available in three attractive colours.
A stylish leather armchair with a lifting mechanism and a comfortable reclining seat.
This armchair has both a recline and forward tilt function. Mains Operated.
A comfortable armchair with a battery powered recline function.
This comfortable armchair can be reclined and tilted forwards.
A stylish, electronically reclining armchair made from genuine leather.