Featured in this section is our range of reachers, devices made to help those with limited mobility or flexibility. Reachers can be used to assist in dressing and a host of other daily tasks aroudn the home.

A useful reaching tool that can be used to pick up objects without the user bending down.
This useful reaching tool reduces the need to bend over and strain when picking objects up.
A handy reaching tool that enables items to be picked up without having to bend over.
A strong pick-up tool which can be used at home, in the garden or while shopping.
A lightweight reaching device that removes the need to bend over when picking up small objects.
An innovative and well designed reaching tool available in two designs.
A long reaching tool that reduces the need for the user to bend over when picking things up.
An easy to use reaching tool with a magnetic tip, ideal for picking up dropped items such as coins or pins.
A useful reaching tool that has rotating jaws.
This reaching tool has suction cups jaws that open extra wide.