Modular Threshold Ramp Kit

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The Modular Threshold Ramp Kit provides assistance for wheelchair or mobility scooter users when encountering steps or door thresholds.

This versatile kit can be used to negotiate thresholds measuring up to 144mm (5 1/2 inches) in height.

These ramps are lightweight yet strong and corrosion resistant.

The ramps have four different lengths, all of which can be linked together as required for indoor or outdoor use.

Only very simple assembly is required, creating a temporary or permanent ramp solution.

Each kit comes partly pre-assembled, and comes with all the necessary components.

Four sizes are available.

Width: 750mm (29 1/2 inch).

Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 250mm (10 inch):

Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 36mm (1 inch), Product Weight: 1.5kg (3.3 pounds).

Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 500mm (20 inch):

Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 72mm (3 inch), Product Weight: 6.0kg (13 pounds).

Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 750mm (29 1/2 inch):

Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 108mm (4 1/4 inch), Product Weight 9.5kg (21 pounds).

Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 1000mm (39 inch):

Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 144mm (5 1/2 inch), Product Weight: 16.2kg (35.7 pounds).

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