Wheeled Commodes

Commodes with wheels which offer the flexibility required by some users. Some of our wheeled commodes also double as shower chairs.

A durable shower chair, commode and toileting chair in one high quality item.
Robust shower/commode chair supplied with a comfortable polyurethane cellular gap fronted sea.
An aluminium chair that can be used as a shower seat or commode chair.
A well designed commode chair with a chrome plated steel frame.
A commode chair designed for use by larger and heavier people.
An innovative potty and commode liner that can be used to solidify waste and make it easier to dispose of.
A versatile commode chair that can also be used in the shower, with a padded seat, arm rests and a backrest.
A combination shower and commode chair that reduces the need for patient transfers.
A range of extras that improve the TransAqua chair.
A combination shower chair and commode chair, with four castors for portability.
A combination shower chair, commode and transfer chair that has a useful tilting seat.
An aluminium chair that can be used as a seat in the shower and as a commode chair.
A versatile commode chair with an aluminium frame and four sturdy castors.
A sturdy PVC chair that has a tilting action and a dual use.
A versatile shower chair that can also function as an over-toilet frame and a commode.
A well designed wheelchair that can function as a shower and commode chair.
A highly supportive wheelchair with a tilting mechanism that can be used as a shower and commode chair.
A range of useful accessories for use with the Etac shower commode chair.
A portable commode chair that can be used with an existing toilet or with a commode pan.
A combination commode and shower chair that is designed for bariatric patients.